Don’t repeat Ronnie

25 11 2011

Tomorrow I am presenting Don’t repeat Ronnie, a macro enabled PowerPoint at the MSc Multimedia and E-learning Saturday school. I am no techno wiz and I have not even designed or created this, but I am aware of it’s use and benefits.

This is a PPt that you can enter your own key words into in relation to your subject/topic of studying. This can be used as a lesson starter to recap previous lesson or prior learning for a range of previous lessons on a generic but fun scale or used at the end of lesson with the same effect. I have even had this in reserve when lessons appear they might finish early or if the class need energising. All learnesrs from my own experience have been actively engaged and competitive with this activity.

How it works?

You split your class into two groups (can do more depending on the size of your class) and they have to nominate someone to sit in front of the projector so they can not see the word that Ronnie produces. The rest of that persons team has to try to get this person to say the word without actually saying the word or part of it and only using subject terminology (hence formative assessment). The aim is for a group to get the most correct words and becoming the winning team. Learners are not allowed the correct guess if they cheat or do not follow the rules stated above (also in the PPt).

I have attached the PPt for use, but you might need further instructions on how to change the words to your own.MathsKeyTermsDon’t repeat Ronnie v2




One response

26 11 2011

Liz forgot that I had mentioned that I would do this (from the last session) and as there seemed to be quite a few doing mini demo’s today with a time pressure I decided not to speak out. But I feel I have explained it well in this blog and if you need to know how to edit it please ask and I will write a how to guide on that. I could even have a go at doing a screencast.

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