Task 8 – Harvard Referencing (Constructivist Approach)

19 11 2011

Constructivist approach

Constructivist approach to learning is based on the idea that learners construct their own models of reality based on their prior learning and knowledge of the world, (Mayes & de Freitas, 2004). Learners should be allowed to construct knowledge rather than being given knowledge through instructions. This view originated from Piaget (1970) who said that learners must construct their own concepts through their own active experimentation. This view discredits the behaviourist approach of learning by memorising. The constructivist approach allows learners to have their own personal interpretation of a learning event as opposed to rope learning.

Works Cited

Mayes, T., & de Freitas, S. (2004). JISC E-learning Models Desk Study. Stage 2: Review of e-learning theories, frameworks and models. Retrieved November 17, 2011, from http://www.jisc.ac.uk: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearningpedagogy/outcomes.aspx

Piaget, J. (1970). Science of edcuation and the psycology of the child. New York: Orion Press.




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