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24 10 2011

For my MSc – Multimedia and Elearning I have to design and provide rationale for a learning activity using technology. Set out below are the ideas that interest me and I feel I am or will be capable of achieving in the timescale allowed.

1. Quiz’s on VLE (moodle)

I would use this as an assessment tool, to capture and record individual learners capabilities across a number of topics. I know the function exists but I have never used this to date, which is a shame that I have a piece of technology at my finger tips being unused partly due to time constraints and partly due to lack of knowledge.

2. Screen capture – online delivery

I like the idea of using software like Jing to record visual and sounds and use this as a learning tool. I feel though that to warrant the effort this might take that I would use this during my lessons rather than a tool to be used outside of lessons. The reasons for this are that many of my learners do not do homework or self-directed study. I could make this a challenge though as a prerequiste for the following lesson.

3. Quiz/Games – hot potatoes

The subjects I teach lend themselves to mini quiz’s and formative assessment to see if learners are on track for the exam. Getting learners to complete quiz’s and activities online would be good to assess learning but to also give learners a feel for doing work online (as their Functional Skills maths and English exams are online for the first time this year). This point is very similar to point 1, it maybe that I do one or the other or they can be combined.

4. Voting pads – class room technology

We have these at work but I have never tried them due to the set up time required. This design project might just be the inspiration that I need to dust them off. I really think the learners will like the interactive nature of them. I like the idea of amonously answering the questions, but everyone needing to answer before the next question or view can be presented.

5. Interactive whiteboard

We have these at college, but I never use them, partly due to time getting to grips with them and also the fact that not every room I teach in has them, so for some lessons where it might suit I do not have the technology to enable me to use them.

6. Prezi – presentation tool

I have designed one Prezi – which I have used as a presentation tool. I could develop this idea further and see if I can make it interactive for learners to find information and answer questions. I would like to get learners to create their own Prezi – but thats them design it not me. An idea to implement but not for this design project.

I would be grateful if you could vote on the above to help me make a decision.




5 responses

25 10 2011

I voted for Moodle because….

The students like them because they get immediate feedback
They are good for us because once you’ve set a quiz and the marking criteria up, you don’t have to do any marking!
You can easily see who’s done the homework, and who hasn’t
The quizzes can be analysed, ie identifying questions all of them found difficult, and that topic can be recapped.
Good info for you to give to management (where are the students up to, etc)!

Moodle isn’t the most intuitive software to use 😦
It is possible to import Hot Potatoes quizzes into Moodle, but you don’t get the same feedback – or at least, I haven’t found out how to do it yet.

This is a link to the book I used. Also has online help.

Good luck!

27 10 2011
Gemma Holtam

Going on what my FS learners have been like I think quizzes or voting pads are the best ideas. I’ve chosen these as I think the learners will appreciate and engage with an activity that is light hearted, fun and interactive.

12 11 2011
Paul Bolton

I voted for screen capture, whilst it is a good tool for describing clear lesson information/objectives it can also be used for providing visual feedback to the learner, this is an area I want to develop in my Design Project, providing this element of reflection could help the learner have a better understanding of assignment grading requirements.


19 11 2011

I really like the ideas of using this for feedback as well. I had not thought of this until I received this comment and after some reading I had done this week. Thank you for your comments.

25 11 2011

Wow a lot of great ideas, love the poll!

Sorry for posting so late and you may have already decided which topic to do.

I’ve used the quiz tool in Moodle a lot and it’s got some really great functionality and reporting tools. I’ve never had the chance to properly evaluate it use or use it to its full potential so I’d love to see what you make of it and if, unlike myself, you can utilise a variety of the question types, I tend to stick to multiple choice as they are the easiest to mark. There is a lot of scope in this one. Are you thinking of assessing prior knowledge, learning or both?

If not Moodle quizzes I’d be interested in a project on the voting pads, we have these, they cost a fortune and hardly get used.

I take Paul’s point, the screen capture project would be interesting. I think due to its didactic approach it is often hard to give individual feedback so if you can develop this further I’d like to see how you go on (and Paul).


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