20 10 2011

I have just created something using GoAnimate.com to use in my FS maths lessons. After half term I will be delivering fractions as a new topic for my learners. I thought I would have a go at using some dialogue to introduce fractions. I am really pleased with what I have produced and hope my learners will like this as well. I am going to consider using this as an assessment tool as suggested and get learners to create their own animation in groups to play back to the class about what they have learnt. The fact that you can only keep it to ten lines of dialogue will focus the learners on delivering content in the correct amount of time and also checking their spelling and punctuation.





2 responses

22 10 2011

Wow Barak Obama cottoned-on to fractions real fast, hope your students are just a quick. When you are assessing minimum core will GoAnimate differentiate between correct/incorrect spelling?

24 10 2011

Have I made an error? Not sure if it will but it could sound funny if they don’t check it. I want them to get into the habit of proofreading rather than relying on Microsoft Word as they do.

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