Reflect on blogging

14 10 2011

I first started with a bit of research. How did the term come about? I did not know, but now it seems so obvious. Its logging your information (what ever this may be) over the web, hence the term blogging. I am still new to blogging, and so far so good. My only constraints are time to actually blog and read blogs and time to get to grips with wordpress software. I feel frustrated that I can not use it to its full capacity or capability but I realise with time this will improve.

I thought about collecting my thoughts as a SWOT analysis.


  • Sharing best practice
  • Obtain new resources
  • Networking
  • Log of ones own thoughts
  • Gain feedback from peers and a wider community
  • The ability to look back over time on success’s and new discoveries
  • Paperless digital storage device of information
  • I set up my blog before the MSc and its the MSc that has kicked started my entries


  • I might struggle for something to say at some point
  • Will anyone read my blog and am I bothered?
  • Getting to grips with the software


  • Experiment with new tools
  • Gain new tools for teaching and learning and my MSc
  • Share experiences with like minded people


  • Time
  • My capabilities in learning the software

I thought the following clip was a good way to express what blogging is along with some benefits.




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