Negative Numbers

27 09 2011

I have had some really successful lessons today using negative numbers. I wanted to engage learners straight away and used the following two clips to relate negative numbers to real life and also to visually look at how negative numbers are used.

I then paired learners and asked them some questions such as the following.

  • Is 10 degrees a postive or negative number?
  • If the temperature starts at -15 degrees celcuis and falls by 3 degrees celcuis what is the new temperature?
  • If the temperture is now -12 degrees celcuis and it increased in temperature by 5 degrees what was the starting temperature?

I also created some matching cards where learners in groups had to do sums (multiplication, subtraction, addition and division using positive and negative numbers). Learners were constantly engaged and working together sharing learning.




2 responses

28 09 2011
Gemma Holtam

Sounds like a good lesson. Negative numbers would blow my student’s mind at the minute as there levels are too low but once I get some higher level students I’ll have to try it out 🙂

I’m very jealous of the video stuff. We only have one whiteboard at my work and it’s always full on my maths days.

10 10 2011
Liz Bennett's Blog

Great use of multimedia Julie

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