Fork Handles

21 09 2011

This is a great clip to use with learners when looking at communication skills such as listening, dialect and misinterpretation of information. I have also used this in a marketing lesson when looking at how messages and words can be interpreted differently. It provides light relief but also promotes good discussion points such as clarification of information and communication messges being subject to noise.

It is worth a watch just to brighten you day as a great comedy sketch if nothing else.




3 responses

21 09 2011

I’ve used this clip too, and I agree its a great starter for a communication skills session. Thanks for posting it – I’d forgotten about it!

21 09 2011

By the way, Youtube have just launched a teachers channel

I’ve not had chance to look at it properly, but maybe worth a browse.

22 09 2011

Ha! Love this clip. I am reminded of it every time I go into Kaye’s hardware shop in Holmfirth. Always tempted to ask for 4 candles, but never yet done it. The thing is, they would have whatever you asked for anyway. The two Ronnies are my dad’s favourite and we grew up with him quoting the scripts at us. Thanks for the reminder.

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