1 09 2011

Yesterday I taught a work based learning group of 7 measures as part of their FS maths qual. I decided a great way to gain interaction and to check prior knowledge was to give them 3 category headers for measures (length, weight and volume) and ask them to think of as many different measures and put them in the correct category. I gave them 5 minutes to do this individually and then paired them to share, (pair and share – something that I learnt recently on our yearly teachers fair). I then went round the group asking them to put on the flip chart one measurement (such as kg or cm) and they had to enter it in the correct header but they also had to make a distinction between metric and imperial. This led on to a discussion between metric and imperial and why the UK moved to imperial. This activity worked really well, I was able to gain a good understanding of prior knowlege, allow then to share and also gain individual praise. This led nicely on to the next activity which was a work book of exercises around measures. I used this with this group as they are focused group being mature learners. However, it is an evening class that after a full days work doing maths can become tiring. So in the future I need to break up the activities more and dip in and out of the workbook to avoid mental saturation.

Whoop Whoop my first lesson blog done and dusted!




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21 09 2011
Gemma Holtam

Hi Julie,

Just wanted to say hi as I see you already follow my blog and where both starting the MSc in Multimedia and E-Learning this Sat.

Will be great to have a fellow Skills for Life Tutor on the course!

See you Saturday.

(Gemma Teaches)

21 09 2011


How bizzare is that we are starting the MSc together. I think your blogs are fantastic and really helpful. I’m new to blogging and really need to start entering more posts, I will once the new term settles down and now lessons have commenced again.

I started following your blog after the Specialist Conference this year at University of Huddersfield in April where Alison Gorf recommended your blog for Skills for Life Tutors.

See you Saturday.

Julie Beaumont

21 09 2011
Gemma Holtam

Ah, Alison never said that she’d recommended me.

I’ll have to keep an eye on your posts. I’m new to teaching Maths so need all the ideas that I can get.

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